Heat Powered Fan by Pivot


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Heat Powered Fan by Pivot

Eco-friendly Heat Powered Stove Fan

  • Suits most wood heaters or wood stoves.
    A heat power stove fan is a fantastic design that uses the heat from your hotplate from your Wood Stove or Wood Heater to generate its own power for the fan to operate So no power supply / no batteries are required. Simply place your fan on the top of your heater or stove away from the chimney pipe, allowing the back of your fan to have access to cooler, room temperature air. The base must make contact with a heat source of at least 50oC and the top of the fan must remain cool. Use with gas, pellet or wood stoves Starts automatically No cord, plug or battery needed Operating temperature range 50 – 350oC Airflow 200CFM
  • Pivot’s Heat Fan

    Heat fans offer so much to your heater : powered by the heater ( no need for batteries or power point ) the magic of these fans will enhance your heater by blowing more air into your room

    Heat Powered Fan - Pivot's Heat Fan
    Heat Powered Fan - Works on any heater

    Works on any heater

    Any cook type style wood heater, or any wood stove – these fans will work. As soon as your heater’s top reaches 50oC – these fans will automatically kick in

  • Self adjusting
    The built in Bio-Strip will help regulate your Heat Fan – if your heater is getting too hot, your Heat Fan will regulate its self to prevent burning out
    Heat Powered Fan - Self adjusting
  • Heat Powered Fan - 4 Baldes4 Baldes
    4 blades are better than 2.. and with twice the blades, you get twice the air flow




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Product name: Heat Powered Fan by Pivot

SKU: f1768bc007b0