Whether you’re camping, enjoying poolside festivities, or tailgating at the footy, The MiniMax from Bathurst Mowerland & Heating proves to be the perfect companion. This compact powerhouse isn’t just confined to outdoor adventures; it also finds its place in award-winning restaurants worldwide, where top chefs revel in exploring the EGG’s versatility and savoring the incredible flavors produced by this compact and high-performance grill. The MiniMax is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and is always ready to accompany you on your culinary journeys.

Constructed with the same ultra-high-quality ceramics as the other six EGG sizes, The MiniMax offers durability and precision. Backed by a best-in-class limited lifetime warranty, this grill is a testament to enduring quality. The MiniMax Big Green Egg arrives as a comprehensive package, complete with a sturdy and easy-to-grip Carrier, ensuring that you’re equipped for culinary excellence wherever your interests take you. Elevate your outdoor cooking experiences with the portable and versatile MiniMax from Bathurst Mowerland & Heating.