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Bathurst Mowerland Tips and Advice

Maintenance of your Wood Fire

Details annual service requirements for: Flue, Baffle, Fan, Glass, Doo seal, door latch Perfect for customers with 3+ year old heaters with performance issues  

How to Light your Wood Fire

Here are 8 easy steps, designed for burning Australian Hardwood, that show you how to light and run your fire efficiently and cleanly.  

Wood Heater Efficiency Made Simple

Want to understand all the hype about wood heater efficiency? And why the Canadian made Pacific Energy Neo Wood Heater has topped the list of the most efficient range of [...]

How Good is your Wood

The question is, "How good is you wood?" With the next generation of wood heaters burning wood more efficiently ; the wood you burn needs to be right. Our " [...]

Lighting the Perfect Fire

Want to know how to light the best fire? This is one if the simplest ways; it works every time!  


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