Ideal for Tiny Homes, the Charnwood Aire 3 is the smallest wood heater in the Charnwood lineup, offering efficient heating and compact design. With an average heat output suitable for 35m² spaces, the Aire 3 ensures clean glass and clean burning with fully vermiculite firebrick lining.

Designed in England, Charnwood heaters are meticulously handcrafted to enhance any space that demands attention. Perfectly sized for Tiny Homes, the Charnwood Aire 3 can be flued out from the top or rear, providing flexibility in installation.

Australian-approved for Tiny Homes, this model features insulated flue options that remain cool to the touch, ensuring safety around children and allowing for shelves or photos as close as 25mm away.

Upgrade your tiny home with the Charnwood Aire 3 for efficient heating and elegant craftsmanship.