Clear vegetation such as grass, weeds, scrub, brush and saplings. Reduce the need for excess chemicals through natural weed control. Features include;

Australian Slasher Health and Safety Standards Compliant
Dupont powder coating
3.5mm deck
Height adjustable skids with five different cuttings heights
75HP Bare-Co gearbox
Bare-Co 8 inch slip clutch
Bare-Co Series 6 PTO shaft
Front and rear discharge deflectors (chain)
Centre mount and offset
High tensile chains for durability
Braced platforms for maximum strength
3 Year Gearbox Warranty
Bare-Co gearbox / slip clutch safety guarding
Reinforced A-frame
Cutter bar blade carrier system (Bare-Co Blades B6002)
Optional wheel kits available (one wheel kit is recommended for the 5ft slasher)
* Image above depicts 6ft 75HP Powder Coated Slasher no wheel kits fitted. ** Video below depicts 6ft 75HP Powder Coated Slasher no wheel kits fitted.