Introducing the Pacific Energy Alberni 2.5 LE Wood Heater, a modern marvel with traditional charm. Featuring the same outstanding performance as the Neo 2.5 LE, including stainless steel baffle, fully firebrick lined interior, cooktop, EBT, and more, it combines sleek modern design with classic legs for a striking presence in any home.

Boasting a maximum efficiency of 89% and an average efficiency of 82%, the Alberni is designed to impress while meeting passive home design standards. Its charcoal finish door and top exude commercial quality, complemented by black vitreous enamel sides for added style.

The Alberni 2.5 LE isn’t just a wood heater—it’s a smoke burner. Its innovative baffle design efficiently burns off smoke, offering environmentally friendly fires and mesmerizing flames. Upgrade your old heater to burn less wood, last longer, and keep your home warm all winter with the Alberni’s superior efficiency and performance.

Visit Bathurst Mowerland today and discover why the Alberni is the ultimate choice for efficient, stylish heating.