Revitalise your living space this season with the Charnwood Arc 7 Wood Heater. Immerse yourself in the perfect combination of modern design, efficient heating, and cost-saving value, and elevate your home’s ambiance while embracing the warmth of a real wood fire.

The Charnwood Arc 7 Wood Heater is a masterpiece of contemporary design. Its sleek lines, minimalist profile, and crisp finish create an inviting focal point that seamlessly integrates into any interior décor. Add a touch of modern elegance to your home while enjoying the benefits of efficient heating.

The stylish Euro design is stunning – it’s all about giving you true enjoyment of owning a wood heater. With outside air intake and a sealed flue system, the Charnwood Arc 7 is perfect for passive homes.

The quality of the Charnwood Arc 7 is exceptional. It comes standard with a grate and ash tray for ease of cleaning, making it easy to light your fire and achieve a hotter burn faster. This heater is design-approved for passive homes, ensuring top performance and energy efficiency.