A true radiant wood heater, the Charnwood Aire 7 Low features one of the largest glass doors, offering an exceptional view of your fire.

This heater is among the cleanest burning radiant heaters available. With the Outside Air Intake, it’s ideal for passive or high-efficiency homes, ensuring top performance and eco-friendliness.

Perfect for use as a freestanding wood heater in a chimney or a compact room, the Aire 7 stands out with its clean lines, massive glass door, and impressive flames. It’s designed for those who appreciate both style and sustainability in their heating solutions.

Equipped with a standard rear heat shield, the Aire 7 can be placed as close as 100mm from a combustible wall, making it versatile for various installations.

Even as a smaller heater, the Aire 7 delivers extended burn times. On a full load of wood, you will still have embers after six hours, allowing for easy reloading to keep your home warm throughout the coldest winter nights.