Wood Heater Montie by YUNCA with Wetback


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Wood Heater Montie by YUNCA with Wetback

What is a Yunca Dual?
The Yunca Dual is an all in one solution – A wood heater to heat your living room, set up with 2 x radiators. The radiators are heated by the wetback in the Monte, so they cost you NOTHING to run

  • 4.5 Star Performance

    The Yunca Monte Dual is tested at total efficiency of 69% Efficiency, or 4.5 Star Rating. This 25% more efficient than other heaters in this range – meaning you will burn 2mtrs of wood less per year

    Monte Dual - 4.5 Star Performance

  • Monte Dual - 10+ Hours Burn

    10+ Hours Burn

    The Monte Dual will get up to 10+ hours burn when using dry hardwood

  • 4.5 Star Emissions

    The Yunca Monte is tested at 1.1grms, or 4.5 Star rating with Emissions – : that’s an impressive 55% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class

    Monte Dual - 4.5 Star Emissions

  • Monte Dual - The Dual Complete Solution

    The Dual Complete Solution

    The Dual is packaged as a complete solution; it comes as a DIY kit with the pump and fittings, header tank, 2 x radiators, and even the pipe work for the radiators. The only thing you need is the copper pipe work to install the header tank

  • Its a DIY Kit….

    A DIY Manual, and on-line support is available when installing your Yunca Dual. The only thing you need is the copper pipe work to install the header tank

    Monte Dual - Its a DIY Kit....

  • Monte Dual - Simple to install

    Simple to install

    Our Dual Hydronic manifold is pre assembled. Even the pump and thermostat is pre-wired.. Copper pipe ( not included ) is used for the flow and return form the Yunca heater to the header tank – the Hydronic pipes to go to your radiators are supplied in the kit

  • Bedroom Radiator

    Safe, clean and no dust – the Yunca Dual will safely heat your bedroom. The radiator is 900mm wide x 600mm high Type 22 and will heat a bedroom up to 20m2

    Monte Dual - Bedroom Radiator

  • Monte Dual - Bathroom Radiator

    Bathroom Radiator

    Perfect for keeping towels dry, the bathroom radiator is 800mm wide x 600mm high Type 22

  • The Monte Dual Heater – Heats 200m2

    Already plumbed with the wetback: the Monte Dual is perfect for the medium size home. A clean burning heater with one of the cleanest glasses you have ever seen. You can even cook on the top of the Yunca Monte Dual

    Monte Dual - The Monte Dual Heater - Heats 200m2

  • Monte Dual - 10 Year Warranty

    10 Year Warranty

    Yunca’s 10 year, unconditional warranty backs the quality of this heater

  • Q&A

    Q � Can it be installed into an existing home? . A � Yes . Q � Where does the pipework go for the radiators? . A � Homes with timber floors: can go under the floor or in the roof – Homes with slab floor: pipework goes the ceiling . Q – Is the pipe insulated? . A – Yes: The hydronic pipe work to your radiators is insulated . Q – How far can the radiators be away from the heater ? . A – Up to 25mtrs . Q- Can I install myself? . A � Yes but you will need a plumber to connect the heater tank to your water supply & to the heater . Q � How much power does it use? . A � 5watt�s . Q � Can I have more than the 2 radiators�? . A � No. It will ONLY do the 2 specified radiators . Q � How easy is it to install? . A � Depending on access, its a full day project . Q � Does it come with a manual ? . A � Yes, a full step-by-step manual will be supplied

  • Our review on the Yunca Dual..

    The dual offers a “all in one” heating solution with the 2 x radiators. When you light the fire, it takes 30min before the radiators get heat to them. In the morning the radiators are not hot, but they only take 10min before they get heat to them.. Our heater score is 10/10 for this

    Monte Dual - Our review on the Yunca Dual..
  • Monte Dual - Made in India by Yunca

    Made in India by Yunca

    Yunca’s Indian factory manufactures the Yunca Monte range – their New Zealand Factorys manufacture any Yunca heaters that are enamel finished




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