In-Slab Hydronic Heating

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In-Slab Hydronic Heating

In Slab Hydronic Heating - In Slab Hydronic Heating

In Slab Hydronic Heating

In Slab Hydronic Heating has been around for decades. These offer a consistent temperature for your home; under your feet At Pivot, we specialise in wood fired hydronic heating systems from Slow Combustion Wood Stoves and Wood Boilers – and any of these systems can run In Slab Hydronics – or a combination of Radiators and In Slab Heating

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    Before you buy a wood boiler, you need to work out not how many radiators you need, but how much heat it will take to heat your home – at Pivot we offer a free service to do this for you; this way you can make sure you are buying the right size boiler for your home

    In Slab Hydronic Heating - Get a quote

  • In Slab Hydronic Heating - Infrastructure


    It may look confusing, but the infrastructure needed to make a wood fired boiler work efficiently is the key to any Wood Fired Hydronic system heating in-slab. From Pumps to thermostats and controllers – we will design and supply the correct infrastructure for your home

  • Manifold

    The manifold is set up to distribute the hot water to the rooms you are wanting to heat. Available from a 3 port up to 9 port

    In Slab Hydronic Heating - Manifold

  • In Slab Hydronic Heating - Matting


    The Polly Matting provides not only a secure way to locate your pipe work, but also significantly reduces heat waste by only heating the required part of the slab – where you need it the most

  • Pipe Work

    Using the best quality pipe work we can offer performance with long life heating

    In Slab Hydronic Heating - Pipe Work

  • Hydronic Training Video: Pivot Stoves Hydronic System Trainign Video

    Greg Parker-Hill from Pivot Stove & Heating runs through the set up and design of a wood fired hydronic system Covering all aspects of ” What is a Hydronic System” to ” Which Boiler” and ” how the pipe system works” – this is the updated training program used for Pivot Stove’s Staff For more – Check Out



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Product name: In-Slab Hydronic Heating

SKU: 6f86614e42eb

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