Wood Heater Pacific Energy True North TN10 – Heats 100+M2/


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Wood Heater Pacific Energy True North TN10 – Heats 100+M2/

true north wood heater
true north wood heater

Introducing the True North TN10 Wood Heater

Made in Canada by Pacific Energy, The smallest in the family, the TN10 is perfect for smaller homes looking for a heater that is made with quality

Heats up to 100m2

The TN10 is perfect for smaller homes. The TN10 will give a consistent 40m2 room warm all night long : crank the TN10 up, and it can heat up to 100m2

TN10 Wood Heater - Heats up to 100m2

Built to perform

The TN10 is built with quality in mind. Fully firebricked lined, Large Cast Iron Door,and a massive air control.. this little beauty is a stunner

Small little Heater

The TN10 is perfect for smaller homes. The TN 10 looks amazing installed in a large chimney, or freestanding

TN10 Wood Heater - Small little Heater

64% Efficient…

The TN10 has been tested to the new 2019 standards with a tested result of 64% efficiency..

Very clean burning

Being Canadian made – the TN10 is built with looking after the environment and with emissions as clean as 1.2gms, this is a very clean burning heater

TN10 Wood Heater - Very clean burning

Fresh Air…. already

New homes today are built air tight, and heaters need air to work.. The TN10 has the ability to have OUTSIDE AIR to the heater.. meaning you can install in the highest star rating home

True North TN10 Review

The True North TN10 wood heater is perfect for smaller rooms.. If you have a living rea the same size of a 2 car garage ( 40m2) this is perfect. What we like about the heater is the Air Control, its easy to use and gives you massive control with 225mm in adjustment. The firebox is fully fire bricked lined, so the times your heater does go out, the heater will hold heat for hours afterwards. The top of the TN10 is a true cook top, enough size to boil your kettle for a cuppa while you sit and enjoy this heater….. Our rating is 9/10



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