Wood Heater Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Heats 280+m2


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Wood Heater Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Heats 280+m2

Neo 2.5 – Heats 280-300m2
Rated as one of the most efficient wood heaters – the Neo 2.5 has taken the industry by storm.. It has the most impressive flame pattern, longest burn time, range of colours, cook top with trivet – optional colours.. But it the height of the firebox allowing the fire at the perfect height that impresses everyone
Neo 2.5 : Max Efficiency 89% and 4.5 Star rated Emissions
The Neo 2.5 is tested with an impressive average 82% Efficiency, or 6 Star Rating; this is 50% more efficient than other heaters in this range – meaning you will burn 5mtrs of wood less per year! As for Emissions, The Neo 2.5 is tested at 1.0Grms, or 4.5 Star rating with Emissions – : that’s an impressive 60% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class

Neo 2.5 : 12+ Hour Burn Time
The Neo 2.5 will give you 12+ hours of burn when using good dry hard wood. Our working model in our showroom has had up to 15hours of burn time ! Its 340mm Deep firebox helps too by allowing you to put some good size sections of wood
Important Information
Negative house pressure is a common problem that can cause fireplaces and wood-burning appliances to smoke, and gas appliances to backdraft deadly Carbon Monoxide gas. This is probably the least understood house issue, but one that usually can be easily corrected. All Pacific Energy Neo Wood Heaters have the option to add FRESH AIR KITS to their heaters. A simple duct to outside for all the Air required for your fire, and your wood heater is now right to go. The FRESH AIR KITS are highly recommended for any NEW HOME of for homes with people with lung issues

Optional Fan
The Neo heaters have an optional 2 speed fan that has an automatic feature that only makes the fan turn on when the heater is hot.. So no more cold air blowing from your heater
Pop it with Colour
The Neo comes standard VHT Matte Black, but to brighten your home, you can upgrade to Vitreous Enamel sides in Porcelain Black, Titanium, Sunset Red, Ivory – or there is the modern Stainless Steel Sides

Stainless Steel Baffle
The Stainless Steel Baffle system brings the combustion air through this into the fire – heating it up to an impressive 800�C+ that will incinerate any un-burnt smoke into more flame and heat – making this one impressive fire
Extended Burn Time
Exclusive to Pacific Energy and standard in the Neo Wood Heaters is their patented EBt2 extended burn time that automatically adjusts to give your Neo the longest burn times

Very Clean Glass
The Pre-Heated Air Wash in unique to Pacific Energy – The extremely hot air gives you one of the cleanest glass doors
Simple Single Leaver Control
With a single leaver control, with 150mm of adjustment means you have full control over your fire

Knife Edge Door Seal
This might not sound important, but when you know that every time you close the door its 100% sealed and that the door seals completely embed to the heater giving you an air tight seal that lasts.. Its nice to know your heater will perform better because you know the door is 100% sealed everytime
Built like no other…
The Pacific Energy heaters are built to really perform.. The 3 ways the air enters the firebox creates, not only a brilliant fire, but gives the heater an extremely high efficiency

Must Have…...
When you buy from Pivot, you get; 10% off all Spare Parts & Fireplace Accessories for the life of your heater, Free Training on how to get the best for your heater, VIP Invites to our Pop Up Events, Online Video Support, and confidence that you are dealing with a company that has been supporting its customers since 1876!
Our Review on the Neo range of heaters
Without sounding biased, the Neo range of heaters are amazing – the way the air is pre-heated as it enters the firebox gives the most impressive flames we have ever seen. The build quality is true Canadian built quality and the burn time is more then “just overnight” but 12>15hours on a full firebox load.. Our Score is 9.9/10

Made in Canada
The Neo range of wood heaters are 100% Canadian Made
10 Year Limited Lifetime Coverage
As Pacific Energy use only high quality components, the 10 year limited lifetime coverage also extends to components like the firebox, baffle and glass. Porcelain is also warranted for gloss retention.

Compliance Certificate Neo 2.5

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Product name: Wood Heater Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Heats 280+m2

SKU: Neo 2.5