Wood Heater Charnwood – Cranmore 7 HEATS 150M2


Modern clean lines but with classic detail. The Cranmore is for the home that just wants quality

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Wood Heater Charnwood – Cranmore 7 HEATS 150M2

A fresh new heater from the Charnwood range, which is taking the country by storm, this is the Charnwood Cranmore 7. Beautifully designed with a fantastic square glass front, easy to use handles and packed with amazing features, this versatile wood heater will fit in a classic style home or in the latest modern new build.

One of the benefits of modern wood heaters is the afterburn, and this is one of the Cranmore’s greatest strengths. Air holes line the back bricks of the firebricks, giving you brilliant reignition and amazing flames, with extra heat, without any extra effort on your part. Words don’t do it justice. Below the firebox is the simple to pull out ash tray. This makes cleaning your new wood heater an absolute breeze. Add the simplicity of the gorgeous integrated air control, and you have a brilliant unit which requires minimal input to achieve fantastic results.

The Charnwood Cranmore 7 has the option for an outside air intake to be attached to the back of the unit. This is a must have for new homes, as it brings fresh air from outside the home, through a duct into the heater, supplying it with oxygen it would otherwise have taken from the room. This allows your heater to breathe easy even in the most airtight of homes. Add to that Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, a flue kit designed for new airtight homes, and the Cranmore is the perfect wood heater solution for your airtight home, or any home where air loss is an issue.

Classic design meets modern technology, while still managing to not look dated in the Charnwood Cranmore 7. With unbelievable features and an exceptional heat output (150m²), the Cranmore is begging to become the feature point of your home.


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Product name: Wood Heater Charnwood - Cranmore 7 HEATS 150M2

SKU: Cranmore7