Wood Heater Pacific Energy Vista Pedestal Heats 200+m2


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Wood Heater Pacific Energy Vista Pedestal Heats 200+m2

The Vista – Heats 200+m2

One very impressive small heater – perfect for the 2 to 3 bedroom home

Vista : 4 Star Performance

The Vista is tested at 67% Efficiency, or 4 Star Rating. This 22% more efficient than other heaters in this range – meaning you will burn 2mtrs of wood less per year

The Vista Wood Heater - Vista : 4 Star Performance

  • 10+ Hour Burn Time

    The Vista will burn 10+ hours with good dry hard wood

  • 3.5 Star Emissions

    The Vista is tested at 1.5grms, or 3.5 Star rating with Emissions – : that’s an impressive 40% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class

  • Optional Fan

    Unlike other fans, the Pacific Energy optional fan has an automatic mode, meaning it will only work when your heater is hot.. So no more blowing cold air

  • Legs or Pedestal?

    Design your heater to suit your home with a choice of Legs or Pedestal design. You can put some Bling on your heater with Chrome legs and Chrome door.

    The Vista Wood Heater - Legs or Pedestal?

  • Serious Flames

    The Stainless Steel Baffle system brings the combustion air through this into the fire – heating it up to an impressive 800C+ that will incinerate any un-burnt smoke into more flame and heat – making this one impressive fire

  • Extremely Clean Glass

    The Pre-Heated Air Wash is unique to Pacific Energy – The extremely hot air gives you one of the cleanest glass doors

    The Vista Wood Heater - Extremely Clean Glass

  • 100% Door Seal Every Time

    This might not sound important, but when you know that every time you close the door its 100% sealed and that the door seals completely embed to the heater giving you an air tight seal that lasts.. Its nice to know your heater will perform better because you know the door is 100% sealed every time

  • Single Leaver Control

    With a single leaver control, with 150mm of adjustment means you have full control over your fire

Made in Canada

The Pacific Energy Wood heaters are 100% Canadian made



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SKU: Vista Pedestal

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