Cooker ESSE 990 Hybrid (Wood & Electric)


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Cooker ESSE 990 Hybrid (Wood & Electric)

990 Hybrid Wood and Electric Combo 

Introducing the Esse 990 HYBRID

The Esse HYBRID is the perfect “all in one” cooker solution. Half wood – Half electric.. the HYBRID offers a real solution for all seasons

Its Half Wood – Half Electric……

The Left Hand side of the Hybrid is all wood fired. The Hot plate and Oven are heated by the firebox on the left AND there is esse’s glass door on the firebox so you can see your fire.. The Right Hand side of the Hybrid is all electric.. TWO TRUE OVENS.. top can reach up to 240oC – the bottom can reach up to 200oC. Both are thermostatically controlled and cook JUST LIKE a wood oven – but they are electric. There is also a massive skillet hotplate on the right hand side .. You CAN have both the wood side going AND the electric side going at the same time……. When you put all this on together you have 3 x TRUE ovens, and the largest hot plate cooking area ever

Built like an esse

The Esse HYBRID is built to the exact standards of the British Made esse cookers. Cast Iron Construction, beautiful enamel finishes – the esse 990 HYBRID is just stunning

It also heats

The Esse Hybrid is somthing very special.. on the left of the stove: she is all wood.. ( on the right, she is all electric) The Wood side offers esse unique glass door on the firebox that allows your stove to provide heat when the outer door is open

Electric Ovens

The Right Hand Side of your esse HYBRID is all electric. Offering 2 x full thermostatically controlled electric ovens, these cook just like a wood stove oven – but electric with esse patented “wrap around” electric elements that heat your cast iron oven. The top oven also has a built in electric grill

  • Extremely efficient

    The 990 Hybrid is all about efficiency, the Wood firebox is 89% efficient and will burn 12+hours on a single full load of wood… The electric part is even MORE Efficient – using only 15amps of power, running all day long your electric stove will only cost $1.00 per day to run

    Bakes like no other

    With 3 ovens ( 2 electric ovens, 1 wood oven ) there is soo many cooking options

  • Cook like no other

    The unique hob offers a brilliant cooking options. On the left you have a wood fired boot top, on the right you have a 330mm skillet hot plate that can reach up to 400+oC. Working together, the entire hob is a cooking surface

    Add hot water

    The 990 Hybrid can also have a hot water jacket added


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