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Cooker esse 990 EL-T Electric

The BRAND NEW 990 EL – ESSE’s latest Electric Range Cooker

It may look like a wood stove – it may be even built like a wood stove, but its all Electric…The 990EL 13amp cooker is the latest in state of the art electric range cookers: hand made English Quality

Soooo much cooking – 3 Ovens
# Top oven – Capacity 42ltrs. Heat up time from ‘off’ to 240oC – 41mins. Heat up time from ‘slumber’ 155oC to 240oC – 16mins. # LOWER RIGHT OVEN Capacity 30ltrs. Heat up time from ‘off’ to 175oC – 30mins. Heat up time from ‘slumber’ 70oC to 175oC – 14mins. # LOWER LEFT OVEN Capacity 30ltrs. Temperature set to reach 85oC.

Bake like a wood stove – but in an electric oven
The solid ovens are heated by esse’s patented electric wrap around element – these work just like a wood stove by heating up the cast providing thermal mass heat
Electric Grill
Full width top radiant grill element – The LED will display red when activated and remain red for 30mins or until turned off.

Unique Hot Plate cooking
# Left Hand Side – 330mm, active Induction Hot plate. Nine instant heat settings. # Right Hand Side – 330mm, Cast Iron Cooking Heat up time from ‘off’ to 400oC – 40mins. Heat up time from ‘slumber’ 150oC to 400oC – 31mins.
Hidden Controls
Oven and hob controls concealed behind top left cooker door. Illuminated displays glow red when rising to pre-set temperatures, green when temperature is reached and flashing red on cooling.

ESSE Hot Plate Covers
To style your esse 990EL 13, your cooker comes with esse’s unique patented chrome hot plate covers
ESSE Colours
Your esse 990EL 13 is finished in a selection of enamel colours: you can design your esse to make it yours

Power Efficient
esse have made the 990EL 13amp one of the most efficient range cookers in the market. Using 2 x 13amp plug in power (one for the induction – one for the oven) and esse’s unique slumber mode gives you a cooker with total control
The esse 990EL 13amp is soo unique – soo different – its a cooker designed for the person who wants the style of Wood Stove cooking – the feel of the quality of a wood stove, but the convenience of electric, and this completely nails the brief. Completely built to perform the 990 has: # Wraparound heating elements ensuring consistent oven temperatures. # Economical to run and energy efficient – “power share” intelligent control gives you power where you need it most at any one time minimizing the loss of power to other cooking zones. # Running costs & power usage are equal to EL13Amp. Dimensions (mm) 990W x 900H x 600D. Weight 327kg. 2 x 13Amp 220-240V power supply. # The 990EL 13amp is power surge protected. #ESSE 900 and 990W cookers have jacking points to the front and either side to allow the cooker to be wheeled into position on ESSE specific mobile jacks.

2 year warranty
The esse 990EL 13 comes with a 2 year warranty for all parts and labour
100% made in England
Like all esse’s – the 990EL 13amp Electric Range cooker is 100% hand made in England

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